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Welcome to the music section!
A brief bit of notice, the MIDIs in here sound a lot better in something like Windows Media Player or a simlar device than they do with the QuickTime plug in. As a result, for most of those files I'd recommend right clicking and choosing "Save As..." over relying on your computer's plug-in of choice to hear the songs. Being MIDIs, they're quite small and as a result won't take much of your time to download.
Also, the key to my notes:

(M) - MIDIs are available for this song.
(W) - Windows Media Audio files are available for this song.
(L) - Lyrics are available for this song.
(F) - A final version of this song is available to download.

Thanks to Ren for hosting stuff for this section! :D

Darin's Theme (M)
Hiaté's Theme (M)
Horizon Reach (M)
HamstaPowah Theme (M)
Journey Home (Caravan Theme) (M, L)
March of Mark (M)
Song of the Spirits (M)
Urakait Theme (M)
Miscellanious Music(M)

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