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I'm really pretty easy to get a hold of, and you've options how to go about it. I do read my emails, so whatever you write will be gotten to. :) That said, I'll take anything from comments about the comic itself to buisness deals to... well, whatever. Con invitations? *laughs*
  • EMAIL: you can catch me at zaronx@hotmail.com, which that handy link may even allow you to do, grace permitting.
  • FORUMS: There's a big button up there to get to those, and I'm probably checking them two or more times a day. It's a safe bet you'll get a hold of me by that means, too. Also, it's a good place for news beyond the bounds of just HamstaPowah.
  • DEVIANTART: My DA account can be found here for any users of DA who wish to keep in touch with me there, or even just look at my non-HP stuff. Kinda doubles as a showcase of some of what I can do besides cute little anthro critters, too.
  • NEWGROUNDS: Likely the least reliable way to get a hold of me, but I'm on there none-the-less.
Hopefully this gives anyone wanting to get a hold of me a fair chance of doing so. :) I look forward to knowing what you think of my work!

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