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Song Summary

"Darin's Theme"

Darin, Darin, Darin...

The song was originally composed for the first game I ever attempted to make, which has since fallen into obscurity, which was to be Darin escaping from the lab in which he was once kept. The game was crap, however, as I'd never used Game Maker before. A technoish variation was crafted to fit the 8-bit look of Monkey Ball, a game I rather liked that has also vanished, sadly, into the abyss. I've put both up here.

Though both versions have merit (as both are the same song that has merit to begin with with the exception of different instruments chosen for the variant), I'm not certain they much fit Darin's usual behavior. Yet another variant, this time one of complete difference in sound and tempo and other sorts of things, will likely be needed to fit his in-comic escapades.

Song Downloads

Darin's Theme (Lab Escape Mix) (MIDI)
The original composition of Darin's theme.

Darin's Theme (8-bit Monkey Mix) (MIDI)
Band switch for the game, Monkey Ball.


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