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Song Summary

Journey Home

"Journey Home"

Journey Home is the theme for the Caravan (Hiaté's group; primarily her, Sam, J'Aime, and a fourth character you presently know nothing about, though others come and go over time). As such, each verse is about a particular member - Hiaté, Sam and J'Aime, and character 4, respectively, with the bridge mentioning Hickory and general stuff that could well make you question where the plot is going.

Is this the final version? Heaven knows.

Song Downloads

"Cliffs" from HamstaPowah RPG Engine Test (MIDI)
The song which "Journey Home" is based upon tunewise. Some things have changed, but the part that is the chorus's tune makes up the bulk of the song, and thus this fits here rather well, I think.

"Cliffs" Night Variation (MIDI)
A somewhat crappy night version of above song.


A young girl, just a child,
Thrown out into the wild,
Behind her the flames rise to the unknown.
In her hands lies a relic,
It's history	angelic,
Its true power has yet to be shown.
With nowhere left to go
She is now out on her own,
Travels onward with nary a friend.
Though discouraged, there is hope,
For she knows that she can cope
Knowing a new home lies around the bend.

She walks alone, her destiny unknown.
Every light she'll see what her way will be.
Accepting her fate to fight the Urakait,
This is the tale of her long journey home.

Two friends travelling together
Who get trapped in some hot weather
Through the endless foothills they do roam.
A single destination,
They seem lost at their location
But neither one does travel on their own.
Each other they defend,
Knowing that they can depend
On a promise from long ago
To not let the other down,
Making smiles out of fromws,
They've no trouble having their trust show.

When the road is long, cheer each other with a song.
When the past is grim, let neither of our faces dim.
They smile even though they've a long ways to go.
This is the tale of their journey home.

An expert at her craft she be,
There and gone before you even see
She's taken another treasure as her own.
A highly energetic thief
Forgets her past, forgets the grief
Though knowing she wasn't meant to be alone.
Rejected by her kind,
She may just well soon find
There's a place for her in it all.
They say she's got no hope,
She's a worthless street rat joke,
But despite it she will stand tall.

Exiled from her land, trained with a thieving hand,
Her life is full of attacks aimed at her soul.
But she carries on, chanting her battle song,
"One day I will find my own home."

They form a travelling band,
Going across the land
Protecting those who are in need.
The squirrel does what he can,
Escorts their caravan.
Together they form an ancient seed
That is watched from either side
There's nowhere they can hide,
What comes to them is the fight.
Their quest, it can prevail
When Unity's unveiled
And they gain the strength of ancient light.

The tale unfolds, and their destiny holds
In its hands, the world, fate left to one young girl.
She knows she can depend on those she calls her friends
In this battle to save all their homes.

When the road is long, cheer each other with a song.
When the past is grim, let none our faces dim.
Together we'll prevail and our hearts will unveil
The place that we will call our home.

This is the tale of our long journey home.


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