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About the Store
This page is primarily to show off featured products in my other smaller shops, linked to below. The images and names of products link to their pages in the respective stores. If you've any ideas or things you'd like to see, feel free to let me know. (LM wants Mark plushies. I don't exactly sport the funds for that at present. Sorry.)
Black T-Shirt Mug Mark Clock
Hiaté Dark Tee Mark Hamsta Mug Mark Wall Clock
Available in several colors, shirt features full color, battle-ready Hiaté surrounded by Sam, J'Aime, and Haren. Sold by CaféPress. A mug with Mark's mug. How quaint. I have two of these and adore them. Sold by CaféPress. Wall clock featuring Mark looking... well, pretty much like Mark. Sold by CaféPress.
DA Print - Burden DA Print - Zone Coming Soon
Burden Prints. Surge Zone Print HamstaPowah Origins #1
DeviantART Prints does "Burden" up in your choice of canvas or glossy prints, as well as mugs, magnets, and a nice little puzzle. From DeviantART Prints, Zone's Surge form is available on Mouse Pads, normal prints, and a few other things. The first issue of HPO is presently in the works. I originally aimed for a late March release, but being my first book printed by Lulu, expect delays. It is coming, however.

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