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Samuel Boyd
People > Caravan
Sam Sam has travelled with J'Aime for years ever since their hometown was destroyed by a hostile group of mice. It's in his travels that Sam found Hickory's wagon and with it Hiaté. After the attack on the wagon, his fate was tied to Hiaté, if for no other reason than to give him a fighting chance against the Urakait.

On the note of the Urakait, Sam is known to be the first person to physically destroy one, as before it was thought that they had to be sealed away and nothing more could be done. This changed the strategy for dealing with the Urakait significantly.

J'Aime Beck
People > Caravan
J'Aime J'Aime's an energetic thespian whose dream is to one day own her own theater and be a star actor. For now, however, she's a traveller with hardly enough money on her to buy lunch from day to day. Since the destruction of her village, J has stuck with Sam, and over the years they've shared a near-sibling relationship. As a result, J often teases Sam and tricks him into doing things, but it's all in good fun, something one can't argue is far too scarce when you're wandering a mountain road now and then.

Upon meeting Hiaté, J'Aime was promptly kidnapped by the Uarait general, Jamal, and now waits for their next strike to prove she's more than just some damsel in distress.

J'Aime's theatric cravings sometimes make it seem she has an alternate personality of sorts that goes by the title of "J'Aime Bee," and when in this state she loves nothing more than to fill people's lives with as much drama as possible, typically trying her hand at matchmaking. Her present interests are Sam and Hiaté.

Hiaté Noumou
People > Caravan
Hiaté Hiaté is almost a sort of celebrity in her hometown of Phen. Her grandfather is the master of summoning and, until his granddaughter came into possession of it, the bearer of the Rod of Ulzis. Her father is one of the 5 Masters of Tomed, and as a result Hiaté is versed both in summoning as a skill and swordplay as a near-natural talent.

Forced on the run when Jamal invaded her village, Hiaté guarded the Rod under orders of her grandfather, while her brother stayed behind and ultimately ploted for her downfall with the Urakait.

While the status of most of her family is unknown, Hiaté witnessed her mother's death, and presently doesn't know of Haren's betrayal. On top of this she doesn't know what's happened to her father, either.

A bit of a bookworm, Hiaté isn't used to be social, and travelling with the likes of Hickory and J'Aime has forced her out of her comfort zone on several occasions. Constantly being forced into situations with Sam isn't helping, either. However, developing some amount of social skills isn't something she views as being a bad thing. In Phen, despite being well known, she didn't really know any body herself.

Hiaté is now working her way back to Phen in hopes of finding her grandfather in a state where he can be rescued and resultingly allow her to finish her training to properly weild the Rod she is protecting.

Tenla Lemen
People > ???
Tenla Tenla is the thief hired by three robed figures to steal the Rod of Ulzis from Hiaté. She's presently in the custody of the underground battle circuit in Crosond, and it's believed she's set up to be a prize in a coming contest. Not much else is known about her at this point in time.

Hickory Nutchel
People > Caravan
Hickory Hickory drives the Caravan's wagon, which he owns. In exchange for this service the rest of the group helps Hick with his snail dung business, collecting the fertilizer to be sold in the marketplaces of the various towns they stop at on their travels. While this does give the group some income, it hardly covers the costs of keeping everyone fed and ready to go.

Hickory is a family outcast, shunned by his parents and siblings as being too dimwitted to do even the simplest of things. While he may be very much so, Hickory is also capable of doing almost anything with proper motivation. While he appears to be relatively lethargic, he has plenty of energy at his disposal, perhaps from storing up so much during all his power naps. He has a rifle that he uses to lend a hand when the situation gets sticky, but due to not caring for fatalities, the assistance he can lend is fairly limited most of the time. That said, he can usually be found tending to the wagon while the others are out doing their own thing.

Zenith Argyle
People > ???
Zenith Little can be said about Zenith at this point. He's somehow connected to J'Aime and Sam, but other than that nobody knows anything about him.

Hickory's main snail, who in all truth is actually a slug. While this wouldn't so much be a problem for most, the fact that snail fertilizer is used on different things than the slug variety by the gardening folk around Haron and its neighboring countries means that Hickory's product has a bit of a bad rep, more due to false advertising than anything else.

Creatures > Summons
Mopoko Mopoko is Hiaté's Created, a summon of the Wind element formed by her true personality. Mopoko is very childish and affectionate, thinking of Hiaté as his "mama" and doing everything he can to protect her. His primary ability is that he can inflate to incredible size to put the pressure on his foes, and when ehaling the air used to do so he can use the momentum to move along at very high speeds.

Creatures > Summons
Aquablazen Aquablazen was actually the Created of Hiaté's grandfather, who bestowed the creature's child to Hiaté as her second summon. Aquablazen is a complicated summon, developed for years by it's master to control fire for its dragon breath, wind for its ability to fly, and water for its original skill of being a sort of sea serpent, an excellent swimmer with some control over the flow of water surrounding it. While a varied summon, Aquablazen isn't particularly powerful in any way, just moderately skilled in many areas.

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