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Welcome to yon Games & Downloads. This page is very much a work in progress. At all times. Heh heh heh...
Special thanks to TCKC for hosting stuff for my sorry butt!


CyberShadow Title Screen
CyberShadow is just starting, taking the platform-RPG ideas I had for previous project Fiena's Garden and improving on them for use in a story I've tried to construct at least five times. Presently, the game consists of an intro with a lot of message boxes, which I'm proud of in itself. It utilizes advanced drawing functions (OMG!) and took the HPE dialouge box of old and uses it as an object instead of a script. In other words, it works better and is just all around better and more flexible.

CS is planned to be at the very least the first major half of the story, a platform-RPG where the player usually controls Meld, but may take on the roles of others mlike Kairu at certain points. Otherwise, other people follow you around and help fight. Consider it a prototype for Medli's Quest's AI system. You gain levels by killing stuff, but the experience earned for enemies goes down as your level increases, forcing you to fight stronger enemies to meet you EXP requirements.

I'll say more as more gets done. I must proceed to make HUGE amounts of graphics and get a working engine going. XD


Sonic Rift title.  Looks a lot like something from one of the SA games, ne?  It SHOULD.
Ah, Sonic Rift. How you have changed over the years. This is one of those things I may never get done, but will be trying to to some extent or other for the rest of my life. It has undergone so many versions, so many changes, and was concieved back when I was a wee lad ignoring Sunday School teachers in, like... second grade. (Went to a Christian school then, had Sunday School every darned day, got boring after a while. Boring anyway to some extent). It was Tails's Adventure then. Turns out they MADE one of those. I have yet to play that because Sonic DX is evil and won't let me do the triple ski jump, therefore hindering me from ever truely doing everything in the game. Piece of crap. So it became a dimensional cross-over. Tails and Amy fought the Mario Brothers and several Toads on more than one occasion in that plan, Mario's weakness being his big, fat nose. And now it's become a tie in of the games with the American comics, something Sonic Team would never go for, but I likes Mina and fans might kill if any more new characters come in.

Presently, a few songs and graphics demos are done. Otherwise, though, it's all still a plan, a work in progress that I so much want to make perfect that it may be years before a truely working engine is finished. I'm tired of crap fan games, so if you want me to work on Rift, just send some of those my way. XD

Download Rift Chamber 1 song (WMA)
Download Pyramaia song (WMA)
Download Seaside Hill 1 song (MIDI)


D-Hopper is a parody thingy with it's own storyline. Famed for treating Pokémon like dirt, it appeals to both fans and haters of the series, as it swings both ways in terms of how it treats the thing. The story is entirely original, and what I've stolen for my own use has been so brutally altered (Ash Ketchum hitting puberty is a pretty brutal alter for the American audience, methinks...) that it's funny no matter who you are. Misty gets drunk, a Butterfree thinks herself a Mariachi, and Brock has diabolical plans involving pudding and bathing women. Best part is, every chapter comes with at least one game (and maybe some surprises for the observant, though don't waste your time looking through chapter 1 for any... there ain't)! So join the club of D-Huggers and get engrossed in the world of D-Hopper!

Download Chapter 1 (Zipped Setup File)


Draliens is an arcade shooter where you blast aliens of various colors with beams of the same color. Quite tricky, really, as you have to keep track of what button shoots what, but once you get the hang of it you can wow the n00bz.

Download Draliens (Zipped EXE)


It's Pong. In 3D. With pretty lights. And Lardman acting as announcer. XD

Download 3D Pong (Zipped EXE)

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