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Original Art
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Click for full view. The First Drawing of HamstaPowah, with pretty much the earliest rendition of Mark on it and the random doodles that became Tracy Starr and Gwen. (2002)
Click for full view. Tracy and Darin. (October 25, 2002)
Click to full view. Valentine's Day picture of Mark without glasses and Snowy without pent up rage. A picture of what's to come? (Febuary 14, 2003)
Click to full view. The early cast of HamstaPowah, half of which are either changed or forgotten by now. (2003)
Click to full view. J&S cast. Hand-drawn against a CG background, another one of my great experiments. Sam, J'Aime, Hiaté, Hickory and a bunny take the foreground while two spirits of importance (at the time) I refuse to reveal float in the back. (October 26, 2003)
Click to full view. A sketch done of Hiaté drawn up just before the first major flashback. Basically, a form of brainstorming. I do things like this from time to time when I just can't quite grasp what I want to do without getting it out in some form on paper. (April 14, 2004)
Click to full view. The map of Haron, the Hamster Democracy, and a layout of it's neighboring nations. Someday I'll update this and get a nice one in the Guide. (2004)
Click to full view. Felt like making something summery. It was summer, after all. Originally meant to be a wallpaper, and, with a bit of work, I'm sure it could still be one. But I needed the hundred pixels to fit Hiaté in there all the way... >.> Rather proud of it, all the same. I mean, look! She looks her actual age and her hair looks wet like I wanted it to and it just plain looks right! Not bad for a thing done in basically one sitting. (2005) Print Available
Click to full view. Though it's kinda flawed, this is one of the early attempts at what J'Aime would do to Hiaté's hair by the time I'd gotten through about half the events in Crosond. Also, it provided a bit of fan service. Because Hiaté actually has fans, many of whom were struck either speechless or to a point of ranting about the revelation that she's only 11 my. old. This brought me some sick sort of joy to witness, rest assured, but that time has now passed and we move on and now there's people commenting on wether or not they like the hairstyle. O ho ho. (2006)
click to full view. HP RP related. This is Zone's character, aptly named Zone. Dunno how he ever came up with that. Jokes aside, I find myself writing for Zone a lot, probably because out of all the RP characters, including my own, I just identify with this little brat the best. That said, it's no wonder he's the only one i ever seem to draw. Well, that and the fact that I *still* don't know what some of the main players look like at this point. :x 2006.
Click to full view. Another Zone pic from the RP. This one is kinda just a sketch, and embodies and idea from FDS that does eventually cross over into the HP main story, and I plan to especially make it relevent in the RP (granted this schlump ever ends...) January 2007. Print Available
Click to full view. Hey, look, my own characters. This is my Illustration 2 final, actually, and I'm fairly proud of it. 2007. Print Available

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