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Fan Art
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click for full view. Zeph brings another lovely bit of work, this time in blinding green, and some other colors I like a lot more. Then again, that's because many of my early computers were total garbage mounds, and thus solid colors always remind me of the blue screen. D: Actually, no, that has nothing to do with it. I just like making fun of Zeph to make myself feel better, because next to him I suffer inadequecies. Green or nay, this kicks just as much fanny as anything else Zeph's done around here. By the way, his own comic's relaunching soon, so expect to see me whoring that one out a bit. 2007. (Oh, and for an in-depth look at the steps taken to make this thing, be sure to check out Zeph's thread about it in the forums...)
click for full view. Feng brings us a very happy looking Hiaté and Mopoko, and I'm cool with that. Girl's kinda emo sometimes, and needs to brighten up a bit. Also, anything with Mopoko tends to be cool, simply because, hey, he's up there with Kirby in the ranks of Things that Literally Suck. In fact, I hear last year there was a big fight that broke out at the TTLS award ceremony over just that. 2007
click for full view. Feng sent in this rendition of Hickory, as well. Obviously, this is what his days were like before this grand adventure began, playing Go fish with a slug, and, being Hickory, not realizing that this game does not require dice. 2007.
click to go insane. A lot of weird stuff has been thrown my way in the past in terms of "fan art," and I'm using that term somewhat liberally in certain cases. Granted, even if it's just a wonk Photoshop job or changing the words on the pages, it usually brings a laugh or two. This is one example of one of these cases, placed here by popular demand. That's right, the people voted, and I'm not one to argue. If you want to see some more of the stuff people do that may not exactly make the cut to get up here, I'd recommend going to the forums and checking out the fan art section. You'll have to crank back the cut off date to, like, the beginning. But it's worth it. 2006.
click for full view. This came in my email with a story of how Haren should be a bishie. Truth be told, I was kinda waiting for somebody to notice, as I somewhat modeled him after the typical evil villain with a pack of screaming fan girls following them everywhere... By Angel Warrior Queen, 2006.
click for full view. A nice rendition of J to help me celebrate 100 pages of HP. Thanks, essien/moki/Liz! And I'm sure J loves her sixth finger, too. XD (It's hard to notice if you're not looking, at least, right?) Drawn by the talented Liz Hopkins of Sequel Life, 2006.
Click to Full View Mage's rendition of the voice behind the Rod. She looks a bit miffed to some, sad or mysterious to others. In any case, everyone who comments on it can agree on one thing: That is some cool hair. Drawn by Mage Kitty on Sept. 12, 2004.
Click for Full View Mage continues to prove that Canadians are far cooler than everyone gives them credit for by making another Mialo pic, this one far cuter. As in ''I wanna hug this NOW!'' kind of cute. Drawn by Mage Kitty on Sept. 14, 2004.
Click for Full View Hiate and and that rabbit chick. Mage does like the rabbit chick. She drew this one over some span of time ending on Nov. 22, 2004. Frankly, if you must know the exact details, I've been swiping these dates off of her signatures.
Click for full view. Mall Monkey made Mopoko in what appears to be vector art. It kinda looks like the little guy had too much to drink... (I can't remember when this was mde, but I'd shoot for the 2003 area.)
Click to Full View. NIMA's Flash version of Sam. Vector art hamster! First of its kind, at that. Again, probably the 2003 area. Whenever it was, it was drawn while Squidi was still doing AMD. If you don't know what AMD is, then, well, have fun finding that out 'cause it's been down for a couple years now as far as I know.
Click to full view. Ruskin's rendition of Hickory the squirrel. This was probably early 2003, too.
Click to full view. See, i'm evil, I make you scroll all the way down here for some of the best stuff. :P

The bandit leader seeing his new baby. Remember the flute knife? To this day, Zeph complains that this isn't creative enough, and it's still probably my favorite piece of fan art simply because of how much the thing made me laugh. Zeph was kind enough to date this, but I can't read half of that except I think it says 2003. Have some public humiliation, Zeph, I can't read your handwriting. :P
Click to full view. Zeph's rendition of Hiaté and Haren. Apparently hugging. How cute. So next, he burns her into a ball of ashes and consumes her eternal soul, right? I do believe this was drawn before I'd made it apparent that Haren's kind of bent. Then again, so's Zeph, so am I, and so is pretty much everyone else on the internet, so, yeah, hugs all around!

I only write this crap because I know Zeph can take it. :P He's cool. Drew this one *squints* ... Dude, I don't even know. XD Sometime after the other one.

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